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“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.” At Fendley Farmstead we value your time. We want to meet your expectations and exceed your wedding dreams. We take great pride that you trust us with such a special day.  


What is now called Fendley Farmstead started off as land owned by Kermit Cagle and his wife, Della, who was known as "Jack." They purchased the property from Kermit's father, Jackson. Jackson is pictured with his wife Rosie in the painted portrait. Kermit purchased 1/2 of a land lot from his father in the early 1940s. After World War II was over, they built the house in 1947-48. The house was built by Clarence Moore and Rembert Allison. Kermit and Dena's grandfather, Huey Barnes, swapped work all the time. Huey built Kermit and Jack's bed that they kept house with. After Kermit and Jack's passing, the bed was given to one of Dena's aunts. Once Kermit and Jack passed away, the property was passed on to their only child, Jane Nations. The picture of the little girl sitting in front of the house is Jane.


The property that Fendley Farmstead is located on has been a family adventure and a long-time project for Danny and Dena Milner. They purchased the property from Jane in 1990. As a young girl, Dena grew up playing on the grounds here at the Farmstead with Jane's daughter, Lori. Dena's grandparents' (Huey and Tennie Barnes) old home place is located across the street and her family occupies most of the surrounding area for several miles. Not only have Dena and Lori's families been friends, but there have been families created through the marriage of some of their family members. As a child, Dena never imagined owning this property and transforming this piece of her childhood into a great part of her community's history. She has a vision that is not only a distinction among wedding and event venues but also offers entertainment and activities to the surrounding communities.


In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Kermit and his grandson, Thad, grew and sold produce to locals, and they also started a Christmas tree business that lasted for a short time. They would grow their own trees and sell them after Thanksgiving. As a way to bring back some of the histories of this beautiful piece of heaven, during the month of December, Dena and her family actively work at a Christmas Tree Farm. They collect items for the needy children and families of Cherokee County, all while passionately spreading the joy of the holiday season with cider, crafts, Christmas trees, and a visit with Santa Claus.


Dena, along with her family, passionately works to provide tranquil, life-changing events all throughout the year.

Fendley Farmstead is an award-winning and unique wedding venue in North Georgia. We love to serve and help couples plan the wedding they dream of. We offer Floral Design, Event Planning, DJ Services, Catering, and many other services. Proposals, engagements, wedding days, and corporate events are what we cater to.

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