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Fendley Farmstead Photo Shoots 

Book A Photo Shoot

  • Family | Senior | Lifestyle | Engagement | Portrait

    1 hr

    100 US dollars

Carefully read these instructions before booking:

1. Selecting your time slot

  • These sessions are $100 each and 

  • Please be respectful of the other photographers and do not monopolize a particular spot, especially the greenhouse.​


(If no other photographers are there shooting and you want to go over your time, that's fine - but the farm will charge $100 per hour for the additional time. Do not stay past your allotted time if other photographers are there.)

2. Payment

  • Payment is due upon booking. Time slots are nonrefundable. You have 24 hours before the session to ask for a reschedule in case of an emergency.  (Also see “Cancellations” below in case of inclement weather.)

3. Be on Time!

​You are reserving the farm only for the time slot you select. Please be aware that someone might have reserved the space for the hour after you.


  • You may reschedule without penalty 24 hours before your session. If it is raining during your time slot or on the day of your shoot, you may reschedule at no charge. If you cancel because it’s hot or cold (unless temperatures are below freezing), the client can't come, etc., you will not be refunded.

  • We reserve the right to cancel your session. We are an event venue, and should we book an event on a date you have scheduled for photography, you will have to re-schedule on another available date. For that reason, we highly recommend weekdays for photography. Should we need to reschedule your date, you will receive an email as soon as we book an event.

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